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TimePod Update! Do You TimePod? TimePod will be changing our login methods and require only your email address as your sole username. If you need more than one TimePod account then you must register each email address as a separate account. TimePod will continue to work as it does now but new accounts will only register and confirm their email address.

Thousands now using TimePod TimePod is now "One of the best kept secrets on the web". Thousands of TimePod users have signed up for they see the simple power of having their TimePod delivered to their future.

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"This system is way to easy" says one user. "It works with everything", "My future is were I wish to send messages for sure" and hundreds of comments like these are coming in. This is my favorite, "I send a TimePod before I go on a hiking trip. If I'm not returned please help me!. However when I return safely I delete the TimePod email and no one is alarmed". We have no ideas the many ways to use TimePod.

Thank You TimePod

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